Mirror Images





Tennessee Williams (Mirror Image) 2005

Collage on vintage mirror, 13" long x 5" at widest point.

Tennessee (Rose's Vanity Set) 2005

Vintage vanity set with Williams' mirror image evoking his beloved sister Rose Williams.

Isis & Sylvia (Plath) 2006

Collage on two sided vintage mirror, 13" long x 5". Second side of the mirror has a transcription of Sylvia Plath's poem "Mirror." Read Plath's poem and a statement about this work from a 2007 exhibit of this mirror.

Blue Virginia (Woolf) 2008

Collage on vintage mirror, 10" long x 6" at widest point.

Mirror Images 2000, mixed-media 3d assemblages:

Antique 1840's mirror with transparency (12" high x 6" wide) Tiny antique enamel frame (1 1/2" High x 1" Wide x 1" Deep) containing a digital image of the 1860 photograph of Elizabeth Barrett Browning with an image of Neri dressed as her digitally superimposed.