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Theaters, performers, researchers, producers and all interested parties: We are happy to share our material and technical know how. Solo performers interested in performing The Consolation of Poetry may use our video and still projections. Producers and Theaters interested in reading the original play or screenplay adaptation of Unlocking Desire; and those interested in reading Neri's screenplay Sonnets from the Portuguese please Contact Us. Find more information about Barbara Neri's: Current Projects




Interested parties Contact Us well in advance as we are currently in the midst of developing other long term, culminating projects. Installations of The EBB Project are site specific. I like to visit the space in advance, if possible, so I can create a presentation of my work that is unique to the particular feel of the place. I can also look at pictures of the site if this is not possible. I need a few glass front or top cases that can be locked and secure. These cases will be used for the various performance relics & props, Victorian jewelry and antiques, smaller 3D art works, found and created objects and curiosities. The act of 'looking into the case through the glass' also fits the archival spirit of the project. Each case becomes a small installation within the larger exhibit. These cases can be free standing or attached to the wall, brought in for the event or part of the space. They can be provided for a fee. In some instances, the reproductions of What She Wore can be displayed on dress dummies or lay on the floor (if it is a smooth, clean, light colored surface). Security and insurance is critical for all exhibitions and this must be discussed in advance. All the visual art is framed and is hung by using mirror mounts. Some of the smaller pieces can lean or lay down in the cases.


While I prefer to work in installation, the visual art can be exhibited by itself.


While it is not absolutely necessary, I suggest that you also have me present a lecture in conjunction with the exhibit/installation. Go to Lectures to read more about the possibilities.


Please go to Visual Art to see & read more about the visual art of The EBB Project. Presenters may contact us to obtain a DVD of a previous installation of Visual Art of The EBB Project. Go to Portfolio to see images of and information about my previous work.


Contact Us with your questions and for information regarding fees & expenses.