5 Dances (1980)




In 1980 Neri was awarded a Michigan Coucil for the Arts Creative Artist Grant and on September 28, 1981 "5 Dances" premiered at Saginaw Valley State University Theater. This premiere performance of "5 Dances" consisted of four works by Barbara (Zivich) Neri: "Shawl Dance" 1978, "Songs and Dances" 1980, "4 Movement Studies" 1981, "Shadow Dance" 1981, and a work choreographed by Jose Limon: "La Patria" from his "Dances for Isadora" (1972). Ms Neri is indebted to Laura Glenn, one of Limon's most beautiful dancers, for teaching her Limon's work under an Artist Consultancy grant from the Michigan Council for the Arts. Neri choreographed a fifth solo in 1982: "White Dance" collaborating with sound artist Jesse Melcher. "White Dance" premiered Nov. 6, 1982 at the Pontiac Art Center, Pontiac, Mi.


Shawl Image Patria


Barbara (Zivich) Neri pictured above left in her "Shawl Dance," and above right in Jose Limon's "La Patria" from his "Dances for Isadora." (Photos: Linda Alaniz).




A Contemporary Dance Ensemble

Formed by Barbara (Zivich) Neri, Khoros Created and performed multimedia works of choreography, video, sculpture and sound in galleries and theaters throughout Michigan.




ABOVE: The original group of dancers from left to right: Deborah Breuleux, Susan Rexford, Lynn Vela and Barbara (Zivich) Neri rehearse in the Khoros studio in Saginaw, Michigan.


LEFT: Khoros in the stairwell leading up to the Saginaw Studio (left to right): dancer Lynn Vela, sculptor Gary Laatsch, dancer Sharon Bonhoff, sound artist Ralph Neri, dancer Katy Davenport, Artistic Director and dancer Barbara (Zivich) Neri and dancer Melissa Deisig (Photo, Dennis Ullrich).

Khoros group photo


Khoros Saginaw

RIGHT: Khoros premiere performance at the Saginaw Art Museum in May 1983. Sculpture/set designed by Gary Laatsch is seen lining the walls of the gallery where the premiere performance of two works took place: "Collaboration I" (Dance-Sculpture-Sound) and "Collaboration II" (Dance-Music-Video). On the walls are the paper jumpsuits that Laatsch painted for the dancers to wear in "Collaboration II." DVDs of these two works are available.



Collaboration I

(Dance | Sculpture | Sound)


Collaboration II

(Dance | Music | Video) (1983)

Collaboration 1 Collaboration 2

Dancer Barbara (Zivich) Neri poses in Gary Laatsch's painted jumpsuits for "Collaboration II" within part of his sculpture/set for "Collaboration I" (Photo, Kelly King).










How Did We Get From There To Here? (1984)

There 1 there 2

there 3

Choreography, Costume and Artistic Direction: Barbara (Zivich) Neri, Sound: Ralph Neri.


Top left and right: Dancers Sharon Bonhoff and Lynn Vela.
(Photos, Don Demers)




Left: Barbara Neri and Melissa Deisig in a performance of "How Did We Get From There To Here."
Paradigm Dance Theater
Detroit, Mi., June 1984
(Photo, Ralph Neri).






STICKS (1984)

Neri was one of 12 choreographers selected nationally by the artistic directors of Pilobolus to take part in a colony in Washington, Conn., summer of 1984. While visiting the studio and home of a wood sculptor and Pilobolus collaborator, she noticed a pile of sticks and asked if she could have them. She began improvising with two other dancers and eventually brought the material back to complete with Khoros.


Below left: Dancer Sharon Bonhoff during a Khoros studio improvisation with the sticks.

Below right: Premiere performance of "Sticks" at the Saginaw Art Museum (Photos, Ralph Neri).


sticks 1 sticks 2




FENCE (1985)

"Fence" Choreography and Artistic Direction: Barbara Neri, Costumes: Lynn Vela, Sculpture/set: Gary Laatsch and Sound Ralph Neri). Performances at the Paradigm Dance Theater (Detroit, Mi.) are pictured below. Performed by: Melissa Deisig, Barbara Neri, Sharon Bonhoff and Lynn Vela. (Photos, Lynn McGee.)


fence 1
fence 2 fence 3




Offering (1986)

"Offering" 1986: Sculpture/Installation/Performance. Detroit's Chene Park Artist Residency. During "Offering" artists Barbara & Ralph Neri performed a slow side-to-side motion on a sculptural structure placed in Chene Park pond. The park is small oasis on the edge of the Detroit River. "Offering" was a rite of centering and balancing for the artist and viewer, a bridge between nature and humankind.




Barbara Neri in performance and collaboration with sculptor Ralph Neri with costumes by Lynn Vela. Chene Park Artist Residency, Detroit, Mi., August 1986. (Photo, Robert Neumann)











1990s: Khoros evolves into Barbara Neri & Dancers after Neri moves studio to Ann Arbor Michigan.




Barbara Neri & Dancers

Great Lakes Movement Study (1991)

current studio image


Neri is seen on the cover of "Current" (left) and in a studio photograph taken by Linda Alaniz (right). Neri choreographed and performed a solo "Great Lakes Movement Study" to the sound of Lake Superior recorded by Ralph Neri. The work premiered at the UM Dance Dept. Alumni Performance, October 1991.




4 Dances with Interludes (1992)


"4 Dances with Interludes" Choreography by Barbara Neri, Sound Ralph Neri, Costumes Lynn Vela. (Photos, Ralph Neri)

"Ancient Tableau" (right) from "4 Dances with Interludes." Premiere performance in Barbara Neri's Ann Arbor Studio, May 1992. (Left to right: Suzanne Willets, Lynn Vela, Anastasia McGlothlin, Beverly Dosh and Scott Read.















STREAM (1993)

stream 1 stream 2 stream 3
stream 4

"Stream" 1993 (above) Choreography: Barbara Neri, Sound: Ralph Neri, Costumes: Suzanne Willets. Performed by: Barbara Neri, Anastasia McGlothlin and Suzanne Willets (photos, Ralph Neri)