Infinite Field, 1994


"Infinite Field" combined color 35m slides Neri took of a cornfield over a period of years as it changed seasonally along with a 16mm film of an autumn walk through the same cornfield. After these images are shown, Neri begins sweeping a mound of 100 lbs of yellow kernel corn into ever expanding spiraling patterns. When the design is complete she sweeps it all back into the original mound. The work was performed at the Cleveland Performance Art Festival in 1995 sans the color slides and film of the field. (The color photo below was taken of the Cleveland performance by Ralph Neri.) Neri performed Infinite Field in its entirety, with slides and film, as guest artist of the UM School of Art and Design in 2001 (B & W photos below, Glenn Bering). An Infinite Field DVD of the 2001 performance was created in 2007. Neri's 'Infinite Field DVD' was shown at WORK Gallery Detroit as part of the ICON exhibition in 2008. See a six minute excerpt of this sixty minute DVD below.



infinite field 3 infinite field 2 infinite field 3


Infinite Field from Barbara Neri on Vimeo.


Neri's 'Infinite Field DVD' was shown at WORK Gallery Detroit as part of the ICON exhibiton Sept 13 - Oct 8, 2008. (Read statement from the ICON exhibit.) Photographs of "Infinite Field" were published along with Neri's earlier 'Dance Drawings' (Performance Research, March 2008, 'On Choreogrpahy'). The article linked Neri's earlier drawings of choreographic floor patterns with the patterns she made on the floor in "Infinite Field." To access this article online go here, to the online publications platform for the Taylor & Francis Group. See the collection of 'dance drawings' and 'Infinite Field' photographs that publishers selected from below.


Infinite Field

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Slide Show of

Dance Drawings

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