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Neri taught workshops in her studio summer 2008. Seen above, Neri's studio is situated on wooded acreage about 20 minutes north of Ann Arbor, Michigan. 


& Workshops

Building a private studio in 1993, allowed Barbara Neri the space and freedom to develop and incorporate her multi-disciplinary expertise into her teaching methods. These classes have been offered in workshop form. "Acting up, Drawing it down & Writing out loud" was taught as a 5-hour workshop while Neri performed and lectured at Eastern Michigan University in October 2003. Ms. Neri has also taught workshops and judged in Playwriting, Film, Dance and Musical Theater for META the Michigan Educational Theater Association Thespian Festival 2004 through 2014. Barbara Neri is certified and endorsed by the Michigan Department of Education in Art Education K-12 and Dance 6-12. She has taught privately and developed curriculum and taught at the high school and University levels. Details will be provided to interested parties upon request.


Neri's groundbreaking scholarly work, her research and writing process emerged from her practice as an artist and it has now become part of her mission to present writing and research as part of a creative process. Research is presented to students as an exciting and creative process that opens doors, creating new ideas and directions: The dancer embodies the history of dance. A poem embodied, i.e. physically responded to, can be understood on another level and reveal more meaning. Neri sees a need, in particular, to awaken the oneirocritical mind of students to engage critically and creatively with their work.


Barbara Neri is the mother of Detroit multidisciplinary artist Alivia Zivich. Alivia is the co-creator of Demons and a collaborator with Wolfeyes. She was production manager and co-curator for DLECTRICITY, Detroit's 2012 and 2014 'Nuit Blanche'. California sound artist and engineer Matthew Zivich is Neri's son. Matt played synth with Damsel and toured as live sound engineer with Iggy Pop, The Queens of the Stone Age, The Shins, Sonic Youth and Wilco. Neri's family was a critical part of the successful premiere of her performance 'The Consolation of Poetry' at the 2005 NY International Fringe Festival, and the 2011 Detroit premiere production of Neri's play 'Unlocking Desire'.



Barbara Neri is an engaging, experienced lecturer who has been presenting her work and ideas in this manner since the 1980s. She is personally engaged with her material and embodies the texts she speaks of, thereby inviting the audience to bring their own experience to the material and develop their own reader relationship to the texts. The EBB Project, its wings and projects are one of a kind and ongoing, and the possible lecture topics are therefore numerous and always exceptional. Ms. Neri presents Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poetry from this interdisciplinary perspective.


For instance, a lecture about What She Wore is a tapestry of information beginning with photographs & images of EBB and interweaving the process of researching and recreating what EBB wore with the particular moment in EBB's life, the political situation surrounding her and the poetry she was writing when the photograph was taken. Or a lecture may begin with a particular work of Visual Art that emerged from The EBB Project, its synergy with EBB's poetry and the ensuing research.


Barbara Neri at Gallery 555




The following is a selected list of what has been done in the past. It is not complete or conclusive and interested presenters are encouraged to contact us with the particular area/perspective of the project you are interested in or with information about your occasion so that we might make suggestions for you.


Please contact us for further information, lecture, workshop & residency costs and fees.




Sonnets in the Night (and from the Portuguese): Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Lost and Found Notebook:
Neri was awarded a fellowship by the Armstrong Browning Library and she was in residence there for the month of February 2012. During her fellowship, Neri examined a newly acquired and long lost manuscript notebook belonging to Elizabeth Barrett Browning dated 1839-1842, and concluded her fellowship with the presentation. Neri also brought with her the reproductions of EBB's garments re-created from the 1858 engraving used for the 4th edition of EBB's Aurora Leigh. The garments were researched by Neri and constructed by 19th century clothing specialist Jomarie Soszynski. The garments were on display in the EBB Salon at the library for the month of February and Neri made a special presentation about them during the library's annual fundraiser Valentines Day celebration on Feb 11, 2012.



Williams Wing: Unlocking Desire, A Play, Blanche Revisited: Neri presented as part of a panel at the Universtiy of Michigan's SMTD "Tennessee Williams @ 100" birthday conference. Neri was a member of the Williams in Production panel on Thursday Oct 13, 2011 at 5PM in the Arthur Miller Theater.



Seeing the Light: Dark rooms and the embodiment of sight in EBB's Sonnets from the Portuguese
Barbara Neri presented this paper at the NAVSA Conference (North American Victorian Studies Association) held Nov 11-13, 2010 in Montreal, CA. The paper explored EBB's use of light and dark in her love sonnets and its relation to vision theory including Goethe's Theory of Colors. Go to for conference details. 



New Research: Letters and Love Sonnets revisited Post WEBB: Presented at the London launch of "The Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning" (WEBB). Neri is associate editor of a new 5 Volume edition of EBB's complete works published March 2010 by Pickering & Chatto. Presentation sponsored by The London Browning Society, May 14, 2010, London, England.



The Critical Nature of Creativity: Guest lecture, re the synergy of creative processes that Neri has used to create work since 1995. AAWA (Ann Arbor Women Artists) 2009-10 lecture series, Ann Arbor, MI., Nov. 16, 2009



The EBB Project: New (Old) Work: Guest lecture EBB Bicentenary conference, Armstrong Browning Library, Baylor University, Texas, March 6, 2006



THE EBB PROJECT: Ninety minute lecture, performance, demonstration presented at University College Northampton, United Kingdom for Interdisciplinary Landscapes: Postfeminist Practices in the Arts . Isham Studios, Avenue Campus, September 18, 2004



The EBB Project: The Critical Nature of Creativity: Presented for the Eastern Michigan University Art Department, Halle Library Auditorium, October 16, 2003.Neri also performed The Consolation of Poetry for theater students and taught a workshop Acting up, Drawing it down and Writing out loud.



Unveiling EBB: (A 60-minute lecture surrounding the installation of The EBB Project and regarding the research that has emerged from the project.) Presented at the Ann Arbor District Library, Sunday November 17, 2002.



Creating Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Image: What She Wore and what it means: (90 minutes)
Presented before a Joint Meeting of the Boston Browning Society & the Costume Society of America, April 18, 1999 at Prescott House, Beacon Hill, Boston MA. Also presented in Dr. Mairie Rennie's Victorian Poetry Class, October 30, 1997 at the Armstrong Browning Library, Baylor University, Waco, TX.



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